The Art Of Being Right

by Of Wolves And Angels

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released July 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Of Wolves And Angels Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: The Wanderer
You seem to want me to walk around you like you are broken glass.
You try to break the mold, but we all know your past.
There's not enough time in our lives to save ourselves.
We are not lost (Just challenging)
This crushing weight of the world (It's bearing down on me)
Tread lightly so as not to crush these grounds you've walked on (We are the wanderers)
I'm growing more accustomed.
As these days go by I ask myself why?
You put your life in his hands.
Track Name: Black And White
I'd rather walk alone than with a man I don't even know.
Set this knowledge to the side - this world is such an ugly place.
This is your life; live it for you. Don't just lead by example.
This is your life; live it for you. Don't base your actions off what they'll say.
Cause when you get the big picture you'll be absolutly terrified.
(We are not lost, We are the wanderers)
Admitting that we're guilty, will make us clean within, cause not all who wander are lost.
You are trying to put me in your shoes while you have yet to see the world through my eyes.
Not all who wander are lost. We are not lost. We aren't lost. Not lost.
Track Name: Divisions
Trial and error, it's how most live their life,
but I never thought a rope would change things so quick.
But it is not the end. Things could always be much worse.
This is not a silver platter. Be the change in your own life.
This is root of matter. We need to lead our own change!
Our senses know more than most care to ever admit.
Life is not a waste just a matter how well spent.
Track Name: An Honest Victim
A victim is just a victim, but in this case it was all for you.
Come dig your hole, and i will lie in it.
This here is proof that the price we pay is never worth it in the end.
The price we pay, is never worth it in the end.
Come dig your hole and i'll lie in it (x2)
If i could ask one thing from you, it would be..
Who do you want me to be?
Am i made of cloth and hanging from your strings?
Life doesn't seem to mean as much when we live for someone else.
Life doesn't seem to mean as much when we are living it for someone else.
You expect me to change my ways to be like you.
Track Name: Revelations
All these things we see exist in a grey reality.
Our righteousness is like the great mountains.
Our judgements are a great deep.
All that we see, exists in grey reality.